The Ball Game

By Sister Wynona Carr

Life is a ballgame 生活像場棒球賽

Being played each day 每天都在比賽

Life is a ballgame 生活像場棒球賽

Everybody can play 每個人都要上場

Yes you know Jesus standing at the home plate 耶穌站在本壘板

He is waiting for you there 等你站上打擊區

You know life is a ballgame 生活像場棒球賽

But you’ve got to play it fair. 但你要光明正大的打球

First base is temptation 一壘勾引你

You know the second base is sin 二壘誘人犯罪

Third base tribulation 三壘折磨人

If you pass you can make it in 若通過三壘就能得分

Old man Solomon is the umpire 老所羅門是裁判

And Satan pitching the game 撒旦是投手

He’ll do his best to strike you out 他會極盡其所能把你三振

Keep playing just the same. 就如往常般地狠毒

You know Daniel’s up to bat first 但以理打第一棒

You know he prayed three times a day 你知道他每天會祈禱三次

Yes Satan pitched him a fast ball 撒旦投出一記速球

But he hit it anyway 反正但以理就會出棒

Yes you know Job is up to bat next 雅各是下一棒

Satan struck him in every way 撒旦用盡手段投出好球

But Job hit a homerun 但雅各擊出全壘打

And he came on in that day. 他當天發揮的很不錯

Yes you know prayer is a strong bat 祈禱讓你成為強棒

To hit at Satan’s ball 才能擊中撒旦投的球

And when you start to swing it 揮棒的那一刻

You got to give it your all in all 你要用盡全力

Yes you know faith is your catcher 信心是捕手

On him you can depend 是你倚重的人

Oh Jesus is standing at Home Plate 耶穌正站在本壘板

And he waiting for you to come in. 等你回壘得分

Yes you know Moses is on the sideline 摩西站在場邊

Waiting to be called 等著召喚他出場

You know the day he parted the Red Sea 當摩西分開紅海時

He knew Christ is all-in-all 他認識了全能的基督

John came in the ninth inning 約翰第九局上場

And the game was almost done 此時比賽將進入尾聲

Then God gave John a vision 上帝看了約翰一眼

And he knew we already won. 約翰知道我們已經贏定了

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